My response was “just because we have epilepsy doesn’t mean we are weak minded, heartless or in compassionate, or cruel. FDA approves new treatment for seizures associated with Dravet syndrome - Drug Information Update. I think the most frustrating part is being made to feel as though we are mentally incompetent instead of actually listening to us, and working with us. It has made a difference for me.Fighting seizures nutritionally! But I have also been on it for 41.5 years too!! I felt the exact same way too! Research into new erectile dysfunction treatments is ongoing. Seizures, menopause, depression – what a combination! When I was in the middle of a nasty temporal lobe seizure brought on by a eye drops, of all things, I thought of butter and ate some, right from the wrapper, and it did seem to calm things down.Anyway, for hormonal / emotional concerns, it’s worth a look. We get 3 extra minutes than the national norm. I did catch up with my old doctor (the one who diagnosed me with epilepsy and put me on the tegretol and Dilantin) he said maybe I should look into keppra and tegretol. However sometimes it almost seems as though it’s brought on by unexplained head spinning terminology an quick attitudes of some of the medical community as well. In March 2017 the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), a group of the world's leading epilepsy professionals, introduced a new method to group seizures. But that was many years ago. Just don’t EVER let any doctor tell you that ‘no, it definitely won’t affect your seizures’ because they cannot 100% guarantee that.A very good point, illustrating that what’s good for one person, can be disastrous for another.Another reason why we have to be vigilant and do our own research.Just wondering when neurologists and seizure specialists will be able to treat the seizures and the depression together? Off to bed now. Clobazam, like other benzodiazepine-related agents, could have a favorable effect on anxiety or sleep problems, even though it is not indicated for these uses, said Dr. Bazil.Relative to other commonly used AEDs, the rate of rash associated with clobazam has been relatively low, but dizziness and somnolence are sufficiently common that the once-daily dose should be taken before bedtime, according to Dr. Bazil. August 24, 2020 It’s the stigma of antidepressants that make people stigmatize what helps epileptics in ways even the doctors and friends can’t sometimes. It’s just bit upsetting how we as “epileptics” can be seen as incompetent or not being smart enough to know better. So I’ve learned to triple check everything and refuse to take anything that has ‘seizure contraindication’ next to it. THANK YOU Goodmorning Phylis YES!! We as epileptics DO STAND A CHANCE AS LONG AS WE STAND TOGETHER AND KEEP TEACHING THIS WORLD HOW TO BE HUMAN WITH LOTS OF COMPASSION, STRENGTH, PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING LOVE AND FORGIVE NON EPILEPTICS FOR THEIR WEAKNESS OF NOT OPENING THEIR MINDS OR HEARTS!!

Lol as long as it doesn’t kill me or my mind, body and brain. Once I got my footing and began to really start feeling better I approached my family doctor and asked to be gradually weaned off of them because I felt mentally stronger. And I’ve had to wear it in a “bob” ever since. Like a GRANDMAL SEIZURE!! When I would have a seizure, it felt like my head was spinning inside at 100 miles per hour.It was awful. Funny how I have to always bring one with me now just to see my pharmacist and doctors The more advocates you can have around you, the better.Sometimes you can’t depend upon yourself to know it all, ask the right questions, or even understand the answers.Or YOU CAN AND YOUR NOT BEING HEARD OR BELIEVED!! Kanner and his colleagues studied 90 patients whose seizures failed to respond to anti-epileptic medication and underwent brain surgery to remove tissue that was the focus of the seizures.The incidence and prevalence of depression in the epilepsy population is difficult to establish, mainly because of the under-reporting and under diagnosis of depressive symptoms. I read the new national average for medical visits is 12 minutes.Even though that statistic wasn’t specifically for neurologists.I’m scheduled for my annual physical. Almost felt like a quick fix or bandage. Seizures are more likely during stressful times, and the ups and downs of sugars and carbs are definitely stressful.

She agreed. Or which part of the human body does the mind sit in?