Eight years ago, I chopped my long, curly hair into a bob, then a full-on pixie a couple of years after that. ?It has to do by the overall shape of your curls and their definition. My hair is partially curly and partially wavy. 3. what will my afro look like?? For now, focus on growing to 6 inches and follow the tips of this article.just one more question, how can you tell my hair is type V? So, is it five inches long straight or 5 inches long in an afro?My son has kinky curls and I’m not sure what’s best to use on his Afro. Like I say, most curl types grow in a puffed out manner naturally, unless your hair is bordering straight hair, which you don’t seem to have by what you say. Be ready for a long term investment in your hair for it to grow.Men who have an afro look so cool especially when it’s well maintained.This can make someone start thinking about growing out their hair and wear a great afro of their own.An afro is a hairstyle won by men with curly hair so its best suited for their hair texture.Those with straight hair or other softer textures may not be able to achieve this style.Not all men with curly hair can grow a perfect afro though.Only those with hair that has tighter curls/coils can attain this style.I’d always wondered how long it took for Colin Kaepernick to grow his afro to that length.First, you have to decide to give yourself time to achieve this goal.Hair takes time to grow and this calls for tons of patience.Growing out hair requires dedication and correct hair care.This requires setting your mind right for the task at hand.So, assuming you are starting out with a bald head, how long would it take to grow an afro from scratch?Well, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month.There are various factors that determine the rate at which hair grows.These include factors such as gender (male hair tends to grow faster than female hair), genetics, age, nutrition, pregnancy, and overall health.If you are a black male starting out this journey with a bald head, it’s important to remember that coily hair is the most difficult to grow (for lack of better words).This type of hair is also the easiest to get tangled, making it the easiest to get damaged, mostly mechanical damage.Coily hair, therefore, needs a proper regimen for it to flourish.Having said that, if you are aiming for a five-inch afro, it would take you about three years to get it to that length.As mentioned above, curly/coily hair is the hardest to grow and it takes time to attain even a mini afro.It may take up to 6 months to grow about 1.5 inches in length.Remember there are various factors that determine the rate at which individuals’ hair grows, so these figures are just general estimates.One of my buddies, Andrew, had about 2 inches of a stretched-out hair strand after seven months.On the other hand, Greg (my other buddy) had 3 inches after only eleven months!As a woman, I’m quite envious of the speed at which these guys’ hair grows, especially when I remember the struggle that women in the natural community go through while length chasing.One requires patience and a good hair maintenance routine to attain the perfect afro.The routine should involve constant care of both the hair and the scalp.The following are tips on how to grow an afro fast for males.Greg and Andrew have contributed these tips – seeing that they’ve managed to grow their afros in a relatively short period of time.Black men have naturally dry hair. After some thorough research and talking to two buddies who have such great afros, I can confidently share on exactly how to grow an afro fast (male).The first thing we need to understand is that this is not an overnight thing.There are no magic pills or concoctions that will miraculously grow the hair out.The process takes time and patience. i have some sort of straight hair ( surely type two curl because my hair is 1.5 inches long)mixed with some ‘e’ type curls ( surely 3rd type curl type) and the problem is my hair is a mixture of two types like i mentioned above and plus its really dry, so dry. To grow an afro, you need to start with your hair at the same length … 1. what is my curl type?? Also my afro tends to flatten more on top wheres on the sides and back the curls are or look a bit more loose and longer.Also, is there any dry was that can be used on this hair style?… I have realised that every time after i have a swim on the beach my curls look amazing and that is exactly how i want them to look all the time. From your experience, what would you recommend for keeping a good shape (trimming) and curls. Say I have type V hair ( which I do.) Ever wondered what it would take to have an afro that looks like those the Jackson 5 wore back in the day? Those with straight hair or other softer textures may not be able to achieve this style. Only 1 tablespoon of olive oil.Hey, im 75% African American and 25% Hispanic (basically black). The most important thing is knowing that you do indeed have curly hair.From what i can read, you need to go to the basics in terms of a hair care/grooming approach: this encompasses from shampooing to styling your hair, so please read the following articles so as to get an idea about how to go about this.Let me know if after reading these articles you have more questions.Thanks for all the information you have put together about men’s curly hair.